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Life Wish List

1)  A smart phone.  So I can check my email everywhere.

2)  A house.

3)  A new bumper for my ’98 Honda Civic.  And a new left front light.

4)  A 4.0 GPA this semester.  But I’ll settle for 3.5.

5)  A beautiful, seizure-free, friendly wedding.  With great weather.  And everyone I love.

6)  A bright cherry red kitchenaid mixer.

7)  To wake up feeling like leaving my apartment and conquering the world instead of like staying in bed and watching TV.

8)  A job that will let my soul rest easy, pay my student loans, and take my wonderful Hunter on vacation.

9)  Travel.  I want to travel…to see the world.

10)  To know God.  Fiercely.

11)  To love others passionately.

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