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Updating the Life List:

October 7, 2010

1)  A smart phone.  So I can check my email everywhere. Thanks to the in-laws, I am now toting around a Blackberry Curve with Email from Verizon.  It is a burden and a blessing, but it helps me not feel so crazy when I do take that (very infrequent) Saturday afternoon off.

2)  A house.

3)  A new bumper for my ’98 Honda Civic.  And a new left front light.  This is probably never ever going to happen.

4)  A 4.0 GPA this semester.  But I’ll settle for 3.53.85 is not that bad, considering.

5)  A beautiful, seizure-free, friendly wedding.  With great weather.  And everyone I love. It happened.  It was beautiful, and seizure-free.  There were a few moments that I heard about later on, but the day was magical.

6)  A bright cherry red kitchenaid mixerThank you to my beautiful wonderful forever-after bridesmaids!!!

7)  To wake up feeling like leaving my apartment and conquering the world instead of like staying in bed and watching TV.

8)  A job that will let my soul rest easy, pay my student loans, and take my wonderful Hunter on vacation.

9)  Travel.  I want to travel…to see the world.

10)  To know God.  Fiercely.

11)  To love others passionately.


UPDATE 10/7/2010:  It seems like my more tangible goals were, for the most part, achieved!  However, the most important things — the things that make you who you are, and that I want to embrace for my whole life — are still a bit out of reach.  I’m learning to love others and to trust in my abilities, but I still freak out because I don’t have a job lined up and find myself relying on my own abilities instead of trusting in God’s timing.
But, I think it’s totally okay to do the easy things first!  I’m going to add a few more things to the Life List as this year progresses, but I feel pretty good about crossing these things off.


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One Comment
  1. Yay for accomplishing things!!

    You could always travel to see me. 😉

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