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October 6, 2010

Well, it’s been kind of a big year.  Since the last post, I have done the following things for the first time:

1) Been married;

2) Lived with a boy;

3) Let someone else, who’s not my mom, wash my laundry.

4) Traveled to Mexico;

5) Taken a cruise;

6) Been admitted to the Bar (well, conditionally admitted as a student);

7) Accepted, interviewed, and advised organizational clients;

8) Interviewed for (and been rejected from) a Judicial Clerkship;

9) Made new friends;

10) Moved into a new state;

11) Changed my last name;

12) Taken on a bit more than I can chew, work-wise;

13) Learned that I can handle a lot more than I thought, and handle it well.

14)  Financially committed to taking the MARYLAND Bar and becoming a Maryland attorney.

I am continually learning that I am capable of more than I previously thought.  My confidence in my legal abilities and life-living abilities is growing.  I’m struggling in my faith, but I hope that it will grow as I move through this time of unknown – no idea where I will be working or what I will be doing ten months from today.  It is hard to be a Christian when Christians act so crazy all the time — but more about that later.

Love to all —



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