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Boring is beautiful

March 29, 2010

My good friend Mary just posted about how she thinks her life is generally pretty boring.  Which makes me laugh, because comparatively speaking I would LOVE to have her life instead of mine right now.  [Except for the whole kidney stones thing — ouch!] But the truth is, life is not really boring.  Life can feel that way when we get bogged down in our daily routines, but every moment, every millisecond something fantastic is happening!  Today, my friend Naomi gave birth to a beautiful baby boy.  This week my Tennessee Vols made it to the elite eight!  So many wonderful things are happening in our lives, but we forget to look for the wonder.
Tonight, Jews across the world are beginning the celebration of Passover.  This week builds up to the culmination of all that is Christianity — the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ.
I am not in my usual place for the holiday:  my parents are church musicians, so I generally go to about a million services and concerts and recitals; hear the forgotten half of Handel’s Messiah; wake up incredibly early to candy in my Easter basket and a trumpet playing at a sunrise service.  I miss the tradition, but this year I’m going to try to focus on the meaning of the holiday instead of the festivities.  I’m going to try to focus on beauty and wonder this week.  We cannot understand the resurrection with our scientific minds; we cannot explain away the miraculous nature of it.  We must accept the devastation and the beauty as unexplainable yet wonderful.
Like the resurrection story, every day life is full of devastation and beauty, mixed together, often blurred in the mess of life.  With heartache comes triumph, but what about those other days — the days where it feels like nothing happens, and we are just trudging along with our mundane lives?  The days we spend waiting for something to change, or for the job offer to come, or for the grades to post?  These in-between days are essential to prepare us for the messy life days, and I am thankful for them.  Exciting days are wonderful, but staying up late and waking up early make me cranky and distracted.  Emotional highs and emotional lows set me off balance, and make my work and my life less effective.
As we prepare our hearts for the resurrection of Christ this Sunday, let us be thankful of these days in between.


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  1. I missed this post! I actually don’t think life is boring or my life is boring. I think it’s pretty awesome. 😉 But I wanted to show people that I do “boring” things too sometimes, I’m not all travel and glamour. (Oh the life!) Hehe. This was a lovely post Mary Beth.

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