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Gunpowder refers to the way the tea is rolled . . .

March 24, 2010

The server at my favorite coffee shop is rude.  Rude to her co-workers, rude to her customers. For example,



CUSTOMER A:  Is this decaf?


CUSTOMER A:  I think I did.  I need it to be decaf.




CUSTOMER B:  The internet isn’t working.

SERVER:  It’s because you have a MAC.

CUSTOMER B:  It’s working for other people with MACs.

SERVER:  It only has problems with MACs.

CUSTOMER B:  Well, you can change the network settings to keep that from happening.

SERVER:  Well, I don’t know a lot about computers.

CUSTOMER B:  It’s really easy, all you do is —

SERVER:  I opened a coffee shop, not a computer store.


However, I love the coffee shop and keep coming back.  The coffee really isn’t that spectacular, but the music selection is amazing, the atmosphere is great for really thinking and working hard, and my wonderful friend “C.A.” meets me there to chat/study at least twice a week.  I like to watch the server work with customers, and I love how everyone deals with her rudeness instead of complaining, talking back, or changing their coffee-location of choice.  She never says “thanks for coming,” or “we appreciate your  business,” or “have a nice day.”  But the business must be doing well, because the shop is always full and people keep coming back.

If I were back in Tennessee, however, things would go a little differently.  I often like to imagine my mother in these situations, because she doesn’t take crap from anybody.  And she is MEGA SOUTHERN, which makes her assertiveness charming, just like mine.


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