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Falling down the stairs is a great start to any day…

March 20, 2010

Falling down the stairs is best done in the morning, so that it can fully impact your entire day:

First, it sets the tone of your entire day. So what if someone is snippy in the elevator?  They probably fell down the stairs too.  Cut them some slack.

Second, it makes everything that subsequently turns up wrong seem okay.  Did you accidentally put soy milk in your coffee instead of delicious half-and-half?  Well, that’s okay.  At least you didn’t fall down the stairs again.

Third, it adds a bit of spontaneity to the traditional “how was your commute” morning small talk.  “How was your commute?”  “Well, I fell down the stairs.”

Fourth, it covers for you in case your hair is frizzy or your clothes are (a) wrinkled, (b) poorly matched, or (c) all-around ill-fitting or dreadful.

Finally, it gives you cool-looking bruises across your arms and legs, thus removing all barriers from personal conversations with strangers.  “What happened to YOU?”  “Well, I fell down the stairs.”

Here’s to hoping you are having a fantastic, tumble-free Saturday!

P.S., I joined TWITTER!  @MaryBeth8142010


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  1. I’m clumsy so I assume everyone else is too and has fallen down in some way each morning or in some other way hurt themselves. My personal favorite is running into things, like my bed or my door. I’m great at it.

    ps – Glad you are on Twitter! 🙂

  2. C.A. permalink

    Falling down the stairs is the worst. I’ve done it at work and at friends’ houses. Apparently me and coordination have not met yet.

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