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First Post: Holiday Edition

December 23, 2009

It is time for introductions.

My name is Mary Beth and I am a histo-literary focused law student.  I grew up in the deep south and went to a private Christian university, but decided to pack my bags and move to the nation’s capitol to begin a new life with my almost-husband Hunter.

Over the last sixteen months, I have mastered public transportation, maneuvered through tricky roommate situations, conquered the hellish transition from college student to law student, and taken substantial steps toward becoming an attorney, a wife, and a more compassionate and considerate human being.

On this blog I will reason out tricky theological, philosophical, legal, or life-based conundrums.  I will probably post more questions than answers.  There may be days or weeks where wedding-planning drama or personal life moments steal the focus.  But I want to savor this place, this blog.  The structure and stifling workload of a legal life can drown out creativity.   I want this blog to preserve mine.

It may take some time for me to learn how this works because I am new to the blogging world.   My good friend Mary writes excellent blogs about her travels and transition to a healthier lifestyle, and I am following in her footsteps here.


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  1. Mary Beth I am so excited you started a blog!! I think it can be a great outlet for creativity and for figuring out those tricky situations you might want to write about. If you have any questions let me know! 🙂

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